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English & Foundation courses

Fadhila Aldhahouri, Oman

 13 05 01 Fadhila

My sponsor chose Cardiff University because I plan to study Genetics. Cardiff School of Biosciences has a very good reputation and Life Sciences at Cardiff University is in the top 100 worldwide and in the top 10 in the UK. I am pleased that they chose Cardiff as it is a nice city to live in, with lots of parks as well as great shopping in the city centre.

The course has really helped me to prepare for undergraduate study in the UK. I’ve learned how to write formal academic English and how to approach answering an essay question or a coursework project. Learning how to speed-read has helped me to get an overview of a subject much faster, which has been very useful. I’ve also had practice of giving presentations.

The course schedule includes free time to work on coursework, and you learn how important it is to manage your time well! Some of the content from the subject specific modules is familiar because I’ve studied it in Arabic, but the terminology used here is in Greek and Latin so I’m learning a new vocabulary. There’s a mix of students on the course and they’re good company. I’ve made good friends studying here.

I live in Aberdare Hall, which is catered all-female accommodation right in the centre of the University campus. It’s convenient to get to all my classes and a short walk to town. Cardiff is easy to get around and the people are very friendly. I would recommend it as a lively city with plenty to do. The city centre has malls with big brand name stores and arcades with little independent shops as well as cafés and restaurants all in an area you can easily get about on foot. There are is also a lot of green space and some beautiful architecture, including the castle and the museum which are very close to the university.

I would highly recommend Cardiff to anyone who was thinking about coming to the UK to study. Especially if they are interested in studying Life Sciences!

International Foundation Programme