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English & Foundation courses

Mohammed Mubarak Al-Mesaifri, Doha, Qatar

13 03 08 Mohammed Al-Mesaifri web

Mohammed Mubarak Al-Mesaifri is studying the Engineering International Foundation Programme

Cardiff University has a good reputation in my country. It was recommended to me by friends studying here. It’s a university with a high standing in a city that’s easy to live in and the course prepares you for university life. It has been a good strategy to take part in a step by step system to manage the transition from high school graduate to undergraduate student, and I feel that it is excellent preparation for getting to that level.

Part of our course includes a module on British culture, which really helps you to get integrated into life in the UK. We have learned a lot about the culture in Cardiff, Wales and the UK. We have been on trips to Cardiff Bay and the Millennium Stadium and we are following the Six Nations Rugby tournament between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy. We also watched the St. David’s Day parade in Cardiff, which is a celebration of Welsh culture.

The course co-ordinators are really supportive and good at communicating with students. If you contact them with a query they will help to find an answer and encourage you to come back for more help if you need it. This is really reassuring. The university also provide prayer rooms in all the buildings where we have classes.

Cardiff is easy to adapt to. It’s a compact city, so I usually walk everywhere. You can buy halal food easily and there are lots of Arabic restaurants, so you can eat just as you do at home. The university facilities are good too, including the sports facilities. I enjoy playing football with friends on Saturdays at Talybont Sports Centre, which also has facilities for volleyball, tennis and other sports.

Finally, I would say it is a great university; the course helps you to integrate and the city is a good place to live. Definitely, I would advise students to come to Cardiff to study the IFP programme and continue their academic development.


International Foundation Programme