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English & Foundation courses

Business specific modules

Business Studies (20 credits)

This area of the course is aimed at developing an appreciation of the main disciplines of business studies. You will gain knowledge of key business topics and an understanding of the fundamental concepts of business studies. Topics for study include business planning, human resource management, marketing, organisational behaviour and business communications skills.

Business Plan students get the chance to apply all the subjects that they are studying for the IFP into real life situations. They also make presentations for their fellow students, lecturers and staff from the foundation office.

Quantitative Methods for Business (20 credits)

On completion of this section of the course you will have developed competence in the relevant mathematical and statistical methods. You will be able to carry out appropriate calculations and manipulations, and will also have an understanding of the underlying principles. There will be emphasis on problem solving and on interpretation of results in a business context.

Introduction to Management (10 Credits)

This section aims to provide an understanding of the activities of people within work organisations. It will cover a wide range of issues including the role of individual and groups behaviour in organisations, the significance of managerial control and the influence of wider society in organisational life.

Introduction to Economics (10 Credits)

This area of the course aims to provide an understanding of the principles and tools of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Topics include supply and demand, theory of price, basic consumer theory, modern banking, monetary policy and unemployment, amongst other things and show how they relate to economic policy and its implementation.

International Foundation Programme