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English & Foundation courses

Costs & scholarships

Cardiff is one of the more affordable of the traditional university cities meaning you'll have more to spend exploring the UK and Europe.

Tuition fees for the IFP in 2016/17 are £14,000 and are payable in three instalments.

Tuition fees for the IFP in 2017/18 are £14,500 and are payable in three instalments.

Ongoing fees

International tuition fees vary depending on course, duration and level of study. For detailed information about fees please visit our Finance Division pages or check individual course fees on our Course Finder.

Sponsored students

We have well-established and successful working relationships with many embassies and sponsorship organisations throughout the world.

If you are in receipt of sponsorship for your tuition fees (this does not include family members or friends who may decide to make payments on your behalf) your sponsor will need to confirm that they accept responsibility for fee payment. We will then liaise with your sponsor to keep them informed of your progress.

In recognition of the outstanding talent of many international students, Cardiff University offers highly prestigious scholarships designed to attract and reward the best students.

For more information please see the scholarship webpages.

The estimated average cost of living for single, undergraduate student living in self-catered, university owned accommodation at Cardiff University from September 2014 – June 2015 is £7,641; equivalent to £849 a month.

This information is based what UK postgraduate and undergraduate students told us it would cost to live in Cardiff.

Per Month Per 9 Month Course
Rent in University Residences* £416 £3,744
Food £146 £1,314
Books / Copying £41 £369
Social / Leisure £129 £1,161
Clothes £36 £324
Laundry / Toiletries £30 £270
Travel £40 £360
Telephone / TV Licence £38 £342
Total £849 £7,641

*(includes bills: water, electricity, gas, insurance)

Please note that the minimum cost of living figures for Cardiff University are different from the maintenance test set by the UK Government under the Tier 4 Points Based Immigration System. International students coming to the UK are required to pass a maintenance test set by the UK government before they are given their student visa and allowed to come to the UK to study.

Please note that the amount of money that you need to show is likely to increase for 2014/15, so it is important that you check the UKBA website before you apply for your student visa.

International Foundation Programme