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Wang Chen, Zhuhai, China


I chose to come to Cardiff University because it is a prestigious university which is well-known in China. Two of my friends from China recommended the Bridge programme at Cardiff to me. They said it helped them to improve their academic English, instead of just teaching them how to get a better test score. I want to speak better English for when I start my MBA, so this course is good for me.

The teachers are friendly and very good at explaining. On the course we are encouraged to speak our opinions on different subjects and to listen to other people who have different ideas. I find this very interesting. Because teaching in British universities is different to teaching in China, I will be more prepared for this style of learning when I start my postgraduate programme.

Cardiff is a very green city with lots of parks. I like to go jogging in Bute Park and see the ducks on the river. There is a lot of open space and traditional buildings, so it’s a beautiful city to live in. There is plenty of fresh air and blue sky when the sun is shining.

There are Chinese supermarkets and restaurants in Cardiff, so I can buy ingredients to make the meals I like. Sometimes we go to a restaurant to have spicy Sichuan food like we would at home.

I would recommend the Bridge Programme at Cardiff University for anyone who wants to improve their English for studying at university. It teaches you more than how to get the IELTS score you need.



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