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Cardiff University has been visiting Tanzania for many years, and welcomes Tanzanian students at all levels.

Staff from the International Office regularly visit Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Moshi to attend exhibitions and interview students. Many of Cardiff University's Tanzanian students at postgraduate level are sponsored by their employers or by government Ministries. We also visit local international schools and work closely with our in-country representative - Uniserv.

Undergraduate courses

You will be required to have Tanzanian A-levels (Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education) with good grades in three primary subjects.

Cardiff University will also consider applications with the International Baccalaureate.

Postgraduate taught courses

You will be required to have an undergraduate degree in a related field with good academic scores (usually the equivalent of an Upper Second grade or higher).

Work experience can also contribute towards gaining a placement in many subjects as well.

Postgraduate research programmes

You will need a master's degree with a high grade, particularly in the research elements, to be considered for Cardiff University's postgraduate research programmes.

English language

A relevant English Language Qualification is also required. You should gain a minimum of a C in their Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE).

If you are unsure of your qualifications or entry requirements please contact the International Office.

Representatives from the International Office visit Tanzania regularly throughout the year. Details of our next visit will appear here shortly.

For further information regarding our visits please contact us at

Uniserv Education Dar-es-Salaam Office

Mrs Ayesha Remtullah

2nd Floor
Suite 229 Harbour View Towers (Formerly J Mall)
Samora Avenue
PO Box 12728, Dar-es-Salaam
Tel: +255-212-9036/7
Mobile: +255-787-019-037

Mwasi Madati

Mwasi Madati

Course Title: BSc Economics
Country: Tanzania

Year of Graduation: 2007
Current Employer: Property Market Consult Limited

Graduating with a Bsc from Cardiff, Mwasi started off as a credit analyst in the African Banking Corporation. She now uses her critical skills honed in the financial sector to make sound investment decisions in the real estate sector. She aspires to run companies offering both real estate services and real estate development in the future.

As a Student at Cardiff University
Why did you choose Cardiff to do your BSc?

Cardiff stood out at the time when I was applying for university for my BSc. It was one of the top Business Schools in the UK. This aspect attracted me as well as the fact that it offered a BSc in Banking and Finance, which few universities did at that time.

Another reason was the fact that it came highly recommended from a cousin who was an alumnus of Cardiff University.

Do you think Cardiff equipped you with the necessary skills for your job?

Definitely. It equipped me with a degree from a highly respected university that has world-wide recognition. It provided me with a base to diversify into other sectors, and not just banking or finance.

Did you enjoy the degree? Did you learn a lot that was useful to your later work?

I did enjoy my time at Cardiff very much. I enjoyed the courses and the learning environment was ideal for me. The degree prepared me for any challenge, as the degree offered me with various modules such as management that diversified my knowledge base.

Life after Graduation
You were a credit analyst for three years before recently switching to the real estate sector. How are you settling in?

I was in the banking industry for three years working as a Credit Analyst. I learnt a lot in these three years and banking offered me a glimpse into many industries. I was drawn into the real estate sector as it promises a dynamic career with an opportunity to grow and contribute to real estate growth in my hometown Dar es Salaam.

In order to understand the real estate industry, I have undertaken an MSc in Real Estate at our local university. After more than a year in the industry, my banking and finance background has provided me with an added advantage as I am able to make a critical analysis in all decisions involving investments of the company. It enables me to look at all decisions from a risk perspective.

What does your job entail now? What are your responsibilities?

I work for our family owned company that offers real estate consultancy services and at the same time, I am working to start a real estate development company. My job at the moment is twofold. One involves planning, sourcing funds and overlooking development projects for a newly set up real estate development company. The other involves overlooking a department that offers real estate management services.

What important lessons did you learn in Cardiff (academic or otherwise) do you carry with you until today?

Work hard, play hard. I still remember the slogan, and aspire to put it to practice at all times.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with prospective students who are thinking about coming to Cardiff?

Cardiff is a great opportunity that provides you with a diverse learning environment.

The degree prepared me for any challenge. It provided me with a base to diversify into other sectors - not just banking or finance.

Student views

Have fun, enjoy the food, enjoy the environment and enjoy what Cardiff city has to offer. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Yang Su Yin, BSc Psychology

The cost of living is just right for your pocket; you can have an enjoyable time both socially and academically.

Kajal Shah, MPharm Pharmacy

Josh Fairweather
Cardiff Contact - Ellen Parkes

Hello. I’m Ellen Parkes and I am Country Manager for Tanzania.

My role involves guiding and assisting students applying to Cardiff. As well as meeting with prospective students, I also work closely with Embassies and other partner organisations of the University.If you have any questions about studying or living in Cardiff, or would like advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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