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A Week in the Life of Philip Ashon - Tullow Oil Scholarship Winner


philip ashon-monday

The week starts on a very serious note. Depending on specialisations, different rooms are allocated for studies to be engaged in. Lectures commence at 9am and go all the way till 5pm. There are short breaks after every hour though. Lunch break is usually for an hour and a few minutes. There are some days when we have more practical sessions where we do some filming or other work.


philip ashon-tuesday

The major highlight for Tuesday is catching up with all of my colleagues in the course. There are several hours of lectures. Occasionally, we have seminars instead. Several hours in the library however fill up most of the day for research and personal study. Soccer training or some minutes in the gym usually close my day. Staying fit is imperative if you want to keep up with all the work to be done.


Philip Ashon-Wednesday

This is my favourite day. No lectures! However, between reading the news on Xpress radio, completing assignments, finishing up readings, playing soccer matches with the Social Science team in the campus tournament and turning up for meetings with tutors, there is very little time to play around.


philip ashon-thursday

Lectures are fewer on Thursdays. However, seminars and open debate sessions make it one to look forward to. The library or video editing suite take up the most of this day. I also produce my show, Rhythms on campus radio, Xpress Radio, on this day.


philip ashon-friday

Fridays are almost a direct replica of Mondays. However the idea of the weekend being  a few hours away helps one get through it quite quickly. There is more practical work done on Fridays and usually is more relaxed than Monday.


philip ashon-saturday

My morning are spent preparing my playlist for the show, Rhythms which goes on-air at 13:00 GMT. Several basic household duties are also completed before the show such as washing and simply having a chat with my housemates. I interview various kinds of people on my show and play afro pop, afro caribbean and hi life tunes on the show.


philip ashon-sunday

The day is usually split between a church service in the morning and some good rest and catching up with friends. A man must rest.



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