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Coming to Cardiff

I've missed the police registration service - what should I do?

If you arrived after Friday 27 September then you will need to arrange your appointment independently with the Police.


This may be difficult as appointments will be limited, because only 1 police registration officer, Karen Wolfendale, is available in the University for an appointment 1 day a week during term time.

To make an appointment after the police registration service has finished, after Friday 27 September, you will need to use the online booking system. To access the online booking system through the student support website, please click here.

To register with the police for the first time you will need:

  • your passport
  • two passport-sized photographs
  • proof that you are a student; your Student ID card
  • registration fee of £34 (if you are a student sponsored by the British Council you will have this fee-refunded)
  • a completed police registration questionnaire, provided for you by Cardiff University, see below:
  • Police Registration Questionnaire
  • Police registration Questionnaire Guidance Notes

Please come to your appointment with all the above items. If you don’t have all the documents the police cannot issue a Registration certificate.