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Coming to Cardiff

How do I enrol online?

To complete online enrolment go to when you are notified by email.

You will be guided through a series of web pages which will enable you to check information held by the University about you, and update information where required.

We recommend you enrol online before arriving in Cardiff to avoid:

  • delays in your Cardiff University student ID card being issued
  • delays in being able to access University computing facilities
  • delays at School enrolment
  • delays in obtaining your bank letter which you will need to open a UK bank account

Once you have completed online enrolment you will be shown details of your course and the core modules which form part of the course that you are registered for on the "Confirmation of Student Enrolment" screen.

You may wish to print this out for your records and to show that you have completed online enrolment (a copy will be emailed to your Cardiff University email address).

After online enrolment, you need to complete your School enrolment and attend School induction activities when you arrive in Cardiff.