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Coming to Cardiff

How do I register with a Doctor?

Arriving in the new country is a very busy time and there will be lots of change to cope with. Please make sure that you take care of yourself when you are adjusting to the unfamiliar UK food, different climate and emotional strains of being away home. When you first arrive it is important that you register with a doctor. Do not leave it until you are ill because trying to get medical help when you are feeling unwell is difficult and stressful.

In the UK, non-emergencies are dealt with in a surgery by a doctor known as a General Practitioner (GP).

You need to register with a doctor before you are treated. Therefore you must do this within the first week of your arrival in the UK.

Names and addresses of doctors can be obtained from the University Health Centre, email for further details.

There will also be opportunities to register with a doctor at University Halls of Residence.

You do not pay to register with or to consult with a doctor. Women can see a female doctor. GP appointments are short - only 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but your GP will refer you to a consultant – an expert - if you need extra or special treatment, like an operation.

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