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How much money do I need to show for my student visa?

All students and their dependants applying for Tier 4 leave on and after 12 November 2015 must show they have held higher levels of funds to support themselves throughout the duration of their remaining study or up to a maximum of 9 months, whichever is the shorter. The new minimum levels, which need to be held for at least 28 calendar days prior to their visa application, are as follows:

  1. Tier 4 student: £9,135 (that is, £1,015 per month) **

  2. Tier 4 dependant: £6,120 (that is, £680 per month)

  3. Doctorate Extension Scheme applicant: £2,030 **

  4. Doctorate Extension Scheme dependants must show they have held at least £1,360.

** Up to £1,265 can be offset from these sums for any University-owned accommodation fees that have been paid.

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