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Coming to Cardiff

How can I get visas so my family can live with me?

Before making the decision about whether to bring your family to Cardiff, you will need to consider whether the immigration rules allow them into the UK, your financial position and whether your partner and children will adapt to life in the UK.

UKVI only allow your "dependants" to obtain visas to come and live with you in the UK. A "dependant" is your partner/husband/wife and any dependant children you may have. They can stay with you in the UK if:

  • You are government sponsored and your course is over 6 months long
  • You are doing a postgraduate level course of 12 months or longer.

UKCISA have created a tool to help you find out if your family can come and stay with you in the UK see:

The following websites will be useful to you:

You must make your preparations well in advance. It is particularly important that you ensure that your finances are arranged and that you have organised suitable accommodation for you and your family.

To apply for a dependants visa, they need to complete application form VAF10, which you can download from the right hand side of this page:

You should also refer to the ‘PBS Dependant Guidance Notes’ that are available on the same web page, when completing the form.

A separate form is needed for each dependant, and each dependant must pay a fee which is the equivalent of £289, in local currency.

For an explanation of the application process, choose the country they are living in on the list on the UKVI website and look at the information displayed there.

Financial requirements

All students and their dependants applying for Tier 4 leave on and after 12 November 2015 must show they have held higher levels of funds to support themselves throughout the duration of their remaining study or up to a maximum of 9 months, whichever is the shorter. The new minimum levels, which need to be held for at least 28 calendar days prior to their visa application, are as follows:

  1. Tier 4 student: £9,135 (that is, £1,015 per month) **

  2. Tier 4 dependant: £6,120 (that is, £680 per month)

  3. Doctorate Extension Scheme applicant: £2,030 **

  4. Doctorate Extension Scheme dependants must show they have held at least £1,360.

** Up to £1,265 can be offset from these sums for any University-owned accommodation fees that have been paid.

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