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What will the bank offer me?

Every bank has different offers for students.

Most banks have a limited number of accounts for international students and some charge an annual fee. Most banks provide online banking and the following services:

Debit card and solo card

Most banks issue a single card that is a combined cash card allowing you to withdraw money from cash machines/ATMs and debit card that allows you to pay for things in shops and over the internet.

To use the card you will need a PIN number from the bank. Do not let anyone else see this number, make sure you memorise it and then destroy the number.

Bank statements

This is a record of all activity in your bank account over time. Statements will be posted and you can also see them online. It is important to keep these statements because you will need them if you need to extend your student visa.

Direct debits and standing orders

These allow you to pay for goods and services by regular payments (often monthly) through your bank account. For example you may pay for your University residence fee by direct debit. See: when do I need to pay for my University accommodation?

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