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Coming to Cardiff

Advantages of staying in University Accommodation

Many international students say that it’s a good idea to live in University residence in the first year of your studies in Cardiff. University residence provide an opportunity to meet and get to know other students, make new friends and help you settle into University life as quickly as possible.

When compared to private accommodation companies such as Liberty Living, University Residences do not have any additional charges and provide students with many extra services. 

For example, University Residences provide: 

  • Guaranteed accommodation for the duration of the course (as long as you apply through the normal admissions cycle)
  • Internet access to the Cardiff University server at no additional cost
  • 24 hour Security patrol throughout all of the residences
  • Advice and support from Residences Managers and staff
  • Sporting facilities at Talybont North, South and Court Residences and the Heath Park Campus
  • Social facilities at Talybont, University Hall, Aberdare House and at the Heath Park Campus.
  • Flexibility in contract to suit the length of your course
  • All bills are included in the cost of accommodation (no additional charges for electricity/gas and water)
  • There is no additional cost for paying the accommodation in 3 instalments
  • Residences will terminate your contract free of charge if you leave the University and will pay back all the remaining residences fees.

Types of additional charges incurred in private en-suite accommodation may include:

  • In all private residences you have to pay the entire cost of your accommodation when you book (if you do not have a UK guarantor.)
  • In Liberty Living if you do have a UK guarantor and pay in 3 equal instalments you pay 2% extra for your accommodation
  • All private residences will charge an administration fee of £100 to terminate your agreement and you are responsible for finding a replacement, otherwise you are is liable for the cost of their accommodation
  • There is a refundable security deposit of £200 that you have to pay to secure the accommodation at all liberty living accommodation
  • Some private accommodation companies allow an annual consumption of up to £300 for 42 weeks.  If you exceed this usage then you will pay more, e.g. Victoria Hall.
  • Whilst all the private residences have 20 MB internet access in the rooms, some companies have additional charges for faster internet connection.  The internet does not connect directly to Cardiff University server.
  • There are no social facilities or sporting facilities at any of the private residences

Cardiff University Accommodation is cheaper than other Universities

When comparing en-suite accommodation with other university accommodation, Cardiff University in the vast majority of cases is found to be cheaper than other prestigious Russell Group Universities.