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How much does private accommodation cost?

How much does private accommodation cost in Cardiff?

The cost of private accommodation will vary depending on the location, the size and quality of the flat or house, how many people you are sharing the accommodation with and whether or not bills are included in the cost of rent. On average the cost of renting a room in a house you share with others will cost £310 - £370 excluding your bills for water, gas, electricity and insurance. Unlike University residences, where most bills are included, you will find that when you rent private accommodation you may have to pay for additional things. These are likely to include:

  • A bond (this is normally equivalent to one month’s rent and will be returned to you after you leave the property providing that no damage has been done)
  • Water, electricity, gas, telephone and internet bills
  • Insurance
  • Half-rent during vacations

For more information about the cost of private accommodation please see: