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Funding and Finance


Erasmus grant

All students who participate in the Erasmus Programme (study or work) are eligible to receive an Erasmus grant. The grant is provided by the British Council and is intended to offset the additional costs of living and studying abroad. The amount of funding you receive depends on where you go and how long you go for.

Erasmus grants are paid in addition to any other grants or loans to which you are entitled. Please remember however that the Erasmus grant is a supplementary, non-repayable grant intended to offset any additional expenses you may incur while you are abroad. You should not depend on the Erasmus grant to cover your essential living costs so please bear this in mind when you are budgeting.

The grant will be paid directly into your British bank account.

Widening Participation:

A supplementary grant may be paid to undergraduate and postgraduate students from households with annual incomes of £ 25,000 or less. The grant should be used to assist with the cost of studying or working abroad.

Priority Country Funding:

Students travelling to one of the following countries will be eligible to receive a one-off supplementary payment along with their Erasmus grant:  Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

Disability Related Funding:

Additional grants are available for students with specific needs wishing to participate in Erasmus and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support.

Tuition fees

For Home/EU students commencing study in 2012/13 under the new fee regime, fees will be a maximum of 15% of the full fee, ie. £1,350 at current levels for those intending to undertake a placement for a full year under the Erasmus Scheme (both study and work placements). Students undertaking placements for less than a year are liable to pay full fees for that year.

For students who commenced study under the old fee regime prior to 2013/14, fees will still be waived for one-year Erasmus placements in 2013/14. Students undertaking placements for one semester only under the old fee regime prior to 2013/14 will be liable to pay half of the full fee for that year.

Students will not be charged any fees by their host university.

Student Finance Travel Grants

Students in receipt of financial support from Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales may be able to apply for a Travel Grant.

Eligible students may receive support towards costs incurred for travel, visas and health insurance.

We recommend contacting your Student Finance body or the Cardiff University Student Support Centre for further information.

Further information can be obtained from:

Student Finance England
Student Finance Wales
Cardiff University Student Support Centre