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Our Student Charter


You are a partner in the Cardiff Community, which is:

A welcoming community

A welcoming community of international character, enriched by diversity and providing a friendly and supportive introduction to the Cardiff experience.

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A dignified and principled community

A dignified and principled community, where equality is promoted, diversity and inclusivity are valued and individuals are respected; behaviour is guided by codes of academic integrity, ethics and good conduct; everyone accepts their responsibilities to each other; and the English and Welsh languages are treated on a basis of equality.

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An educationally-driven community

An educationally-driven community, where you work in partnership with staff to strengthen your educational experience and engage in the pursuit of knowledge.

More information about an educationally-driven community

A leading research community

A leading research community, with internationally renowned researchers and a culture of teaching and personal development enriched by researchy.

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An engaged community

An engaged community, where you are invited to participate in student representation, societies, debates, sport and to support the local community.

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A forward looking community

A forward-looking community, where we help you to meet the challenges of your future career, educate you about sustainable development and support you in becoming a global citizen.

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A caring and supportive community

A caring and supportive community, where we consider your well-being and safety according to your individual needs and where the support of others is encouraged.

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An open, honest and fair community

An open, honest and fair community, where information flow is two-way, accurate, clear and timely, and concerns are dealt with sensitively and professionally.

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