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Academic Vocabulary

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These lessons will help you understand and use a range of words and expressions commonly used in academic essays and reports. The vocabulary items dealt with in each lesson are listed.

“Knowing” a word means a lot more than knowing its meaning.

Lessons focus not only on the meaning of words but also:

  • related words (word families or different “parts of speech”)
  • use: how the words fit into a sentence and
  • “collocations”  or useful combinations of words.

 Click on the one of the links below to start a lesson.

You will then need to type in your Cardiff University username and password to start a lesson.


 Language to talk about language : noun, singular, plural, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, pronoun, relative pronoun, conjunction, tense, auxiliary

You will find this first lesson useful if you do not know many grammatical terms. The above terms are sometimes used in other lessons.

 Academic Vocabulary 1 : analyse, constitute, establish, occur, role, approach, context, indicate 

 Academic Vocabulary 2 :  implement, access, retain, adequate, emerge, provide, resolve, sufficient

 Academic Vocabulary 3 : attain, attempt, claim, consider, create, define, demonstrate, suggest

 Academic Vocabulary 4 :  potential, restrict, secure, construct, survey, reside, site, region 

 Academic Vocabulary 5 : legal, process, specific, benefit, distribute, function, legislate, require

 Academic Vocabulary 6 : export, involve, policy, significant, signify, assume, data, factor, issue,

 Academic Vocabulary 7 : illustrate, react, publish, considerable, compensation, constrain, remove, ensure

 Academic Vocabulary 8 : seeks to, explore, impact, conduct, deem, appropriate, evaluate, perception, reveal

 Academic Vocabulary 9 : Infrastructure, network, subsequent, maintain, evident, proportion, assess, allocate, structure

 Academic Vocabulary 10 : consists of, coordinate, assign, identify, collaborate, interact, contribute, dominate, perform, achieve