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Latest Updates RSS feed

The Cardiff University Briefing Centre has an RSS or ‘Really Simple Syndication’ news feed available for latest updates about flu. Using this service, you can subscribe to receive news as it happens, meaning you don’t have to re-visit the site to check if any new information has been posted.

If you know what RSS is and have an RSS reader already you can subscribe to our Briefing Centre news here

Rss Feed

If you are new to RSS, our helpful guide below will tell you how to subscribe to our RSS feed using most web browsers, free services and even our own Modern Working Envrionment (MWE) portal.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed is simply a list of items, each containing a headline, description, and a link to a web page. Websites provide RSS feeds so you can subscribe to their content and receive updates automatically.

How can I start using RSS feeds?

To view RSS feeds you will need an RSS 'reader'. The reader checks the feeds you are subscribed to and displays any new content. This means you don't have to check individual websites for updates - the reader does it for you. Typically a reader will automatically check for new content every hour.

Each feed is treated a bit like a folder in an email program, with a number in brackets next to the name of the feed – this shows how many new stories there are.

Where can I get an RSS reader?

There are lots of RSS readers available on the Internet, and the majority are free to download and use.

The most recent web browsers have RSS readers built in. The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari both have support for RSS feeds, as well as version 7 and 8 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

You can also use the University’s Modern Working Environment (MWE) to show RSS feeds as you log into the MWE service. For help on this, please consult the MWE Help section after logging in or contact INSRV.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

To subscribe to our feed, you need to add it to your reader. The standard way to indicate a feed is with an orange icon like this

To subscribe to the Cardiff University Flu Latest Updates feed, set up your reader, and go to our Latest Updates page and click the RSS icon.

Updates on the go

Many new mobile phones allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. Consult your instruction manual to see if you can subscribe to RSS feeds on your mobile device. Usually third party software must be downloaded to provide RSS compatibility. Once installed, you should be able to subscribe to the Cardiff University Flu Update RSS feed.

Alert Levels

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has moved to Alert Level 6 – indicating a substantial pandemic risk.
WHO alert phases

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