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Students Loan Deductions

Student Loans are part of the Government's financial support package for students in higher education in the United Kingdom. They are available to help students meet their expenses whilst they are studying.

Under a new student loan scheme, relating to courses starting after August 1998, HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for collecting repayments of these student loans. (The issue and administration of the student loans continues to be handled by the Student Loans Company).

Repayments start once the student loan borrower has started work and has earnings at a rate exceeding £16,365 a year. (Or, once the student loan borrower has started self employment and has profits in excess of £16,365).

In PAYE cases repayments are deducted from earnings by the employer each pay day, using the Student Loans Deduction Tables, (supplied by HM Revenue and Customs).


Per year £16365 (old £15795 – APR 12) or over @ 9% of earnings   
Per month £1363.75 (old £1316.25 – APR 12)
Per week £314.71 (old £303.75 – APR 12)

The Salaries Section is responsible for recording and paying over the repayments to HM Revenue and Customs along with tax and national insurance contributions on a monthly basis. 

HM Revenue and Customs will notify the University if there is to be a deduction made from salary. However, any enquiries by students must be directed to the Helpline only on 0141 204 5605 or alternatively visit

Student Loans Company Website

Please be advised that the Salaries Section is unable to contact the Student Loans Company on a student's behalf.