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Age Exception Card

An employee who reaches pensionable age does not have to pay National Insurance contributions thereafter. 

The HMRC National Insurance Contributions Office (NICO) issues a Certificate of Age Exception CA4140 to any employee who reaches pensionable age.

This form must be given to the Salaries Section and proves that no National Insurance contributions are due.

If any underpayment of employee National Insurance contributions arises without a Certificate of Age Exception held by the Salaries Section, the responsibility is with the University. Therefore, if any employee should receive a letter from the Salaries Section requesting an Age Exception Certificate, they should contact their nearest Contributions Agency for one and forward it to the Salaries Section at their earliest convenience. The Salaries Section will retain the certificate for the duration of the employment.

If a National Insurance Contributions Office does not issue a certificate, an employee should either contact their local office or apply to :


Phone: 0845 302 1479

National Insurance Contributions Office
Benton Park View
NE98 1ZZ

Additional information:

 Open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm



It will normally be necessary for an employee to quote their National Insurance number on any correspondence and provide some evidence of age such as a passport or birth certificate.