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Pay Slips

General Payslip Information

All employees are entitled to an individual payslip, at or before the time they are paid. The payslip must show:-

Gross pay, ie, pay before any tax or national insurance has been deducted.

Net pay (take home), after deductions such as tax, national insurance, pension and union dues. Deductions which change from month to month, for example, tax and national insurance, must be listed each time, with the amount of the deduction and what the deduction is for.

Payslips are important documents and should be retained by employees for reasons such as :
Mortgage References
Student Grant Applications
Tax Credit Applications
Housing Benefit Applications
Student Loan Deferment
Child Support Enquiries
Certificate of Earnings

The Salaries Section is only obliged to complete any of the above forms in the absence of a payslip. Requesting the Salaries Section to duplicate information previously provided on a payslip via completion of any of the above or copy payslip requests, will only result in an unnecessary delay for an employee to receive payment of a particular benefit.

Employees are advised to read application form requests prior to submission to the Salaries Section.