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Any individual engaged to undertake work for the University will receive a contract. This is because the employee's agreement to work for the University and the University's agreement to pay the employee forms a contract.

A contract gives both an employee and the University certain rights and obligations. The most common examples are that an employee will have a right to be paid for the work s/he does. The University has a right to give reasonable instructions to an employee and for the employee to work at her/his job. These rights and obligations are called contractual terms.

The Salaries Section are unable to pay any employee who has not accepted the offer of employment issued by Human Resources. To accept the contract, an employee must sign and return a copy to Human Resources within ten working days of the offer.

If the contract has been issued after the Salaries Cut Off Dates for payment within the same month, it is imperative that the employee contacts the Salaries Section to ensure payment is not delayed until the following month.