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The University is introducing positiveCycling as a new benefit to employees. Under positiveCycling you can hire a bicycle (and associated safety equipment) for 18 months completely free of income tax and National Insurance contributions.

You should use the bike mainly for journeys to and from work but this doesn't prevent you from using it for leisure purposes too.

How it works
To take part in positiveCycling you must agree to a reduction in your salary over a fixed period (18 months) equal to the cost to the University of providing the bike and equipment selected. You do not pay tax or National Insurance on this benefit.

positiveCycling can be set up in three simple steps:

1. Make sure you are eligible to join the scheme.
2. Decide which bike shop you want to use and ensure they are willing to participate.
3. Place your bike order through that shop.

positiveCycling can be selected by any employee.

If you would like to take advantage of positiveCycling, the frequently asked questions document shows you how to proceed as well as answering more general questions.

Further details are available at  

(When prompted, please enter the username CARDIFFAC and the password OYB343)


Please Note: If the total number of applicants in any given month does not meet a set minimum then you application could be delayed.

You can also find in the related resources link to the right of this page a modeller, showing the amount you can save through the positiveCycling scheme.


Useful contact details below:-


Cardiff University Bicycle User Group
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