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Salary Sacrifice

Cardiff University introduced positiveBenefits in July 2008 and part of this was the implementation of a salary sacrifice arrangement.  This is a smarter way to pay for your benefits; it enables you to reduce the amount of income tax and/or National Insurance contributions you pay and therefore increase your take home pay, whilst still building up your pension benefits.

Only members of USS and CUPF may participate in the salary sacrifice arrangement, this is not available for NHS and LGPS members.

Members are automatically deemed to participate in this scheme, you can go to the positiveBenefits website to see and understand how this will affect you.

If you are eligible for USS membership and have a short term contract of 2 years or less please contact the pensions section to discuss the options available to you so that you fully understand the implications if you leave and wish to take a refund.

Members of staff who have participated in this scheme from inception have an opportunity every April (beginning of new tax year) to elect to opt out of the scheme if they wish, forms are available from the pensions section and would need to be completed prior to April.

Members of staff who elected not to participate in this scheme also have the opportunity every April to elect to opt in to the scheme – and would need to contact the pensions section to arrange this.