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Credit/Debit Card Payments

This method of payment is becoming more and more popular especially for the payment of tuition fees and conference charges, it is also widely used for miscellaneous payments and an increasing number of companies use this method to settle invoices. Where departments receive details direct the card details should be entered onto a proforma and forwarded to the Income Section where the payment will be processed through a PDQ terminal. Transactions are normally processed within 24 hours of receipt. All receipts generated are reconciled and posted to the appropriate account or invoice on Oracle on a regular basis, usually at the start of the following day. At the end of each month a summary of all successful credit/debit card transactions is printed off and a debit journal for 1.2% of the total posted to each nominal created. This represents the charge made to the University by Barclays Merchant Services.

Please note that debit cards are subject to a minimum charge of £5.00 and credit cards are subject to a minimum charge of £25.00.