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Doctoral Training Grant

A Doctoral Training Grant (DTG) is a grant paid by a Research Council to a Research Organisation for the provision of postgraduate study.


Doctoral Training Grants aim to:

  • Assist the Research Organisation to attract the best people into postgraduate research and training;
  • Allow a maximum of local discretion in managing the organising doctoral training within clear financial and accountability arrangements;
  • Provide resources in a flexible and transparent funding system.

Subject to these terms and conditions, Research Organisations can decide on the level of stipend; the duration of the stipend; the format (e.g. part-time, industrial placement), and can adjust the number and start of awards within a year and between years.

Individual Councils may add additional conditions to the grant to reflect the particular circumstances and requirements of their organisation, or the nature of a particular grant.  Acceptance of a Doctoral Training Grant constitutes acceptance of both the core conditions and any additional conditions.

Reference in these terms and conditions to statutory provisions and guidance include any subsequent amendments or reenactments.

The Research Council reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions, and where appropriate will consult the Research Organisation before major changes are introduced.


Examples of the flexibility that a Research Organisation can employ are:

  • Increasing the student stipend above the RCUK set minimum;
  • Providing support for up to four years if a studentship project requires it;
  • Part-funding awards, for example with industry or other Research Councils.