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Emergency Loans

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A repayable Emergency Loan from Cardiff University funds may be able to help you when you have run out of money and cannot get financial help from any other source.

What is an Emergency Loan?

Emergency Loans are short term interest free loans issued by Cardiff  University from  their own funds; normally to cover basic food costs or travel home at the end of term.

Who is eligible to apply for an Emergency Loan?

  • You must be a full-time student or if part-time pursuing at least 50% of a full time course.
  • You must be fully registered on your course.
  • You must have exhausted your student overdraft limit and not be allowed to extend this limit.
  • You must have exhausted all other sources of financial help,  e.g. your parents.

Please note

Emergency Loans can only be issued in exceptional circumstances to:

  • Students who have not repaid previous emergency loans on time
  • Students on a leave of absence
  • Postgraduates who are writing up
  • Students subject to exclusion warnings

How can I apply for an Emergency Loan?

  • Call into the Advice and Money at the Student Support Centre in either the Cathays Park, the Business school  or the Heath Park site. 
  •  Bring an up-to-date bank statement or cashpoint statement showing your current  balance for all accounts you have. 
  • You will be interviewed by an adviser who will discuss your situation and look at budgeting with you.
  • The adviser will assess your eligibility for an Emergency Loan during the interview.  
  •  If you qualify for an Emergency Loan the cash can be released immediately. You will need to collect the money from the Cash Office at 30-36 Newport Road, so please leave time for this. The Cash Office closes at 4pm daily.

Repaying an Emergency Loan?

  • You will agree a repayment date when the loan is issued. This will tie in with your next funding, and will be within a few weeks. 
  • You need to repay via the Cash Office at 30-36 Newport Road. You can pay in person, pay over the phone (029 2087 9262) or through Sims online:
  • If  for any reason you are unable to repay your Emergency Loan by the agreed repayment date, it is very important that you contact an adviser at the Advice and Money Service immediately. 
  • You can pay in instalments as long as the loan is cleared by the agreed repayment date. 
  • We will send you a text message to remind you when your Emergency Loan is due.

Sometimes a repayment date can be set in line with a payment from the Financial Contingency Fund.  Please note that it is your responsibility to check that the loan has been repaid, and make a payment yourself in the case of any problems.  

What happens if I do not repay my Emergency Loan?

Emergency Loans which are unpaid by the repayment date will be pursued by Cardiff University Finance Office,  and may pass your debt on to external debt collectors.