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National Student Money Week 2012

national student money week 2013

During National Student Money Week we asked students to write down their money saving tips.  Here is a summary of the tips given.


Shopping Cooking/Food Going out Other
Bulk buy food and freeze itMake a big stew and freeze meal portions.Drink before you go out and less when you are out.Set yourself a budget and stick to it.
Don't go food shopping when you are hungry.Take a flask of hot drink to Uni.Save your small change in a piggy bank and put it in a savings bank account at the start of each month.Save your coins throughout the week.
Plan your meals for the week, don't waste food.Bring your own tea bags to Uni and buy hot water for 5p instead of tea for £1.Have fewer nights out.Keep track of how much you spend per month and on what.
Buy fewer branded products - look for unbranded instead.Bulk up bolognese dishes with cheap tinned tomatoes, split in to smaller portions and freeze.Don't drink.Walk.
Buy unbranded foodMake yourself sandwiches or packed lunch.Drink lots of water.Become a mystery shopper.
Check cupboards before shopping to plan meals; buy only essentials.Give up eating 'rubbish' for a month and save all the money you would have spent in a pot.Don't take a card on a night out, just as much money as you need.Budget your spending each week.
Buy reduced priced food and freeze until needed.Prepare meals in a group - you can buy in bulk and save water and washing up liquid.Try not to buy food when drunk.Use cash instead of 'unseen's pending on a card.
Shop around for bargains.Buy fruit and vegetables loose, not pre-packaged as it is normally cheaper.Share taxis with friends.Spend half, save half.
Don't buy clothes.Don't buy a rolling pin - use the cardboard roll inside foil/clingfilm.Use public transport/cycle/walkKeep a money diary and write down everything you buy.
Only buy what you need.Freeze leftovers or use the next day. Check your insurance
Use Ebay.Share meals with your housemates. Make sure money going out is less than money going in.
Don't shop when under the influence.Refill a water bottle. Keep yourself busy with free activities.  Join a club or society.
Make a list and shop online; can be cheaper if you are not tempted to buy things on spur of the moment.Use the Students' Union fruit and vegetable deal. Bleed your radiators.
Poundland - branded goods for £1Eat porridge for breakfast, cheap and filling. Share your washing loads with mates.
 Over-ripe fruit e.g. bananas can be added to cake mixture 9reduce sugar you use). Part time work.