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Money Saving Tips

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Increase Your Income

Add to your CV whilst you study by getting a part time job or some vacation work– try the job shop.  A shift a week may not affect your studies.


Avoid taking bank cards out with you so you can’t withdraw more money after a few drinks.
Offer to be a model at the hairdresser for free or cheaper cuts.


Try not to shop when you’re hungry. Give  own brands a chance — come along to one of our food tests over enrolment or student money week to see if you can spot the difference.   Invest in a reusable take away mug for and make your own coffee on the go each morning.  A coffee at Costa Coffee every day of term can be equivalent to 2 months rent.


Shop around for the best account for you, most comparison sites now offer a summary of the best offers out there for students. Don’t be drawn in my freebees and one-off gifts, in the long term you’re going to benefit for an account with  a 0% interest rate, with an option to extend as you progress through your studies.


Many appliances still use 70% of their energy when left on standby—so make sure you turn these off over night or if you’re out for the day.


Put a reminder on your phone when your library books are due back to avoid fines.


Use OPTOM for free eye tests
Claim dental costs using an HC1 form