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Principle exclusions to the bursary scheme

All students who are to be considered for a bursary must be in receipt of a financial assessment of their household income with the household income verified by a UK student funding body for the year in question.  This must be supplied to the university via the SLC bursary portal system before the 31st July of the applicable academic year.  Other exceptions include:

Overseas students.  You must be a home status student with ordinary residence in the UK.  

EU students do not normally qualify for a University bursary, however those who qualify for student support for maintenance from  a UK award authority may be eligible.

NHS bursary holder.  Cardiff University bursaries were introduced following the introduction of the new fee and student support scheme in 2007 to help students who would have additional costs due to increased fees.  NHS students do not pay tuition fees and so are not affected by these changes.  Please note: this applies to 5th year medical or dentistry students who receive an NHS bursary, as the NHS will pay their fees in that year.  If you are on a  healthcare course but have a non NHS funded place you may qualify for a University bursary.

Postgraduate students. The scheme is only open to undergraduate students.  Please see details of our postgraduate scholarship awards.

2011 Welsh Students.  In 2011 the Welsh government elected to pay up to £600 bursaries for students as part of their Assembly Learning Grant directly rather than universities paying students bursaries.

Other reasons for non payment;

  • Household Income above the qualifying threshold.
  • Not in attendance on payment dates
  • You are not paying sufficient tuition fees this year or are not registered as full-time.
  • You or your parents have not given consent to share information with the university when applying for student funding, refer to your award authority.
  • Your assessment is not yet completed by your award authority

See our payment queries section for more details.