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Payment Queries

We try to pay all eligible students their bursaries so if you have not received a bursary and you think you are entitled to one e-mail us at or ring us on 029 2087 9128 / 9320.

Payment Details

You should initially receive a confirmation letter during the first term.  This letter will confirm the amount of your bursary and the payments.  In 2013-14 the payments will be as follows;

30% or your bursary        31st January 2014

70% of your bursary        21st  March  2014.

In 2014-15 the payments will be as follows;

50% or your bursary        30th  January 2015

50% of your bursary        13th   March  2015.

Payments are made via the Student Loans company so please ensure you have not changed your bank account details.  If you need to update your bank account details be sure to notify the SLC at least 14 days before the payment date.

Please be careful with your bank details, the SLC provide advice on online safety. 

Not Received a bursary Payment?

If you do not receive a payment on the dates in your award letter, check 

  • that you have looked in the correct account. (remember it should be the same account as your student loan is paid into)
  •  that your new bank details have been registered by the SLC if you have changed your bank account recently?  

If you have withdrawn or taken an interruption of study your award will have been cancelled.

Bursaries can only be paid for the current academic year.  The final payment date is the 31st of July so your award authority must have confirmed all details of your registration and household income before this date.  

If you have changed your course or funding application this may delay your bursary.

Not received confirmation of a Bursary?

Confirmation letters are sent to your home address during the first term.  You can also see a copy of the letter under correspondence on your Student loans company account. 

If you have not received confirmation of a bursary but  think you are eligible first check our eligibility pages for the year you started your course.  The most common reasons are that;

  • your assessment of household income has not yet been completed. We do not pay bursaries until your assessment is complete.   If your parents are self employed they may not submit their accounts to confirm their income to later in the year.  Confirmation must be before the 31st of July of the relevant academic year for a bursary to be paid for that academic year.
  • Assessments of household income can only be conducted by your relevant award authority.  For details please refer to Student finance Wales, England , Northern Ireland or SAAS.  
  • Please note to qualify for a university bursary your household income must be assessed by your award authority even if you have chosen not to take out a student loan.
  • You have changed course and your funding details have been amended.  This can delay payment until the SLC finalise your new records and the university reconfirms your attendance.  
  • Your household income has changed and is now above the threshold.
  • You or your parents have not given permission to share information on your household income with the university. If this is the case ring the SLC or your award authority to update this.  If it is your parents who need to give consent to share, both parents will need to give consent separately.

If confirmation of your details are delayed we will process the payment as soon as we receive confirmation.  This will take a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Contact details

Remember e-mail or phone 029 2087 9128 / 9320 with any outstanding queries.