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The University Hardship Fund

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This fund is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled on any full-time degree scheme.  Oversees, EU and Home (e.g. UK funded) students are eligible to apply; However, we recommend that Home students apply to the Financial Contingency Fund in the first instance.  Help is provided in the form of a non-repayable grant.

As the funds are limited, priority is given to those students who are nearing the end of their course.

Funds may be allocated to help in the following circumstances which lead to additional and unexpected costs: Illness, Accident, Death of a close family member, Death of a sponsor, Natural Disaster in home country, Political upheaval in home country. This list is not exhaustive and is used for illustrative purposes only. It is important that the financial difficulty is unforeseen and not the inevitable consequence of insufficient primary funding and may affect ability to stay on their course.

As all applications are considered on an individual basis, there is no maximum or minimum award but applicants should regard any award as a contribution towards their needs. They are unlikely to receive a grant large enough to meet any shortfall in full. Students should have explored other resources such as family loans, bank loans from their home country, and will normally be expected to be working part-time to help meet the costs, (health permitting). Only basic expenditure is taken into account.

How do I make an application for assistance?

Applicants should download the application form, complete it and return it with all evidence to the Financial Support team, Student Support Centre, 50 Park Place.  You will then be contacted with an appointment time to discuss your application within 5 working days.

We have produced an interactive version of the application form.  You will see that parts have been highlighted and there are yellow 'sticky notes' attached.  If you hover the cursor over, or double click on these 'sticky notes' you will be able to see information that will help you answer the questions correctly.  We recommend that you read this application form.