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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

These awards are open to all fully registered students; Undergraduate and Postgraduate including students undertaking placement years.  (This does not include post graduate students in their writing up period, graduands or externally registered students)

The maximum value of any award will be £1000, though most awards will be for less.  The award is not expected to cover the full cost of the project.

Projects should directly benefit or enhance the student experience, whether academic, pastoral or extracurricular, or which enhances our students outreach or community activities.  They are likely to cover activities which relate to your university life in some way, not simply than volunteering or exotic holidays.

Recipients may be asked to take part in occasional activities and events involving donors to help demonstrate how their gifts are making a difference. e.g. Donor Day.

Recipients should include information about the Cardiff Student Alumni Fund in any publicity related to the project (including internal publications) to ensure that donations are recognised.

  • Awards cannot fund travel or projects which are part of a students academic course e.g. Undergraduate departmental field trips, work which is an integral part of their PhD  or Postgraduate conferences related to a students PhD project or work experience.  Placement year trips can be considered where the activity undertaken is individually organised and beyond the normal exchange programmes.  In the first instance students should talk to the Financial Support Service to discuss as other funds may be more suitable.
  •  Awards cannot be granted for projects which are already completed or take place after the end of their registered period of study.
  • Students can only receive one such award during their period of study.
  • Grants can only be used for the project detailed in the application.  If for any reason you are unable to undertake the project then the award must be returned in full or part as appropriate.
  • Preference will be given to original projects.  The fund is less likely to support repeat/similar trips.

Please note:  For charity events/trips the fund can not cover charitable donations to the charity.