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Collecting data to aid the development of an eye unit with Charity Vision 2020 in Malawi

Martha Hunt 2nd year Optometry  student involved in helping to collect data to help towards the development of an eye unit under the auspices of 2020 Vision in Malawi.

We travelled to a different school each day, screening the vision of as many children as possible.  I had a lot to learn in furthering clinical skills and knowledge; and exposure to abnormal conditions.  I learnt a lot about African culture and customs.  Each team member brought their own skills and personality which added to the trip.  Although the trip was challenging the reward far outweighed this. Seeing first hand the reaction of a child that had corrected vision for the first time was sometimes quite emotional.  Although the most challenging were those children whose vision could not be improved.  An important role was to inform and educate teachers and aid workers to screen and help these children.  I am in a privileged position to have had this experience. I hope that many other Cardiff Students will be inspired to be innovative in their approach to learning.