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2014 bursary scheme

2014 starters

For students who started their course (or higher education) in 2014 the following rules apply.


  • You must be a new full time undergraduate student at Cardiff University
  • You must qualify for UK student funding for living costs
  • Your household income must assessed as under £50,020 by your award authority
  • You must be paying fees of over £6000
  • You must have commenced your course (or higher education) in 2014

PGCE students and NHS funded students are excluded from this bursary scheme.  If you transferred to a new course your bursary will be determined by the year you commenced higher education normally in line with your student funding .

Value of Bursary in 2014

Income      £0 to  £50,020                            £ 1000

Income      £50,021 and above                     No Award


In future years the value of the bursary may vary.  The value of a bursary for continuing 2014 students in academic year 2015-16 will be announced in the summer term 2015.


Placement Awards

Students on a placement year or repeating a year who are paying fees of under £6000 will be not qualify for a bursary in that year.