What to expect from an internship

Find out what to expect if you become an intern at the European Documentation Centre (EDC).

As an intern you will become a member of the small team of staff who work in the Cardiff EDC. You will be introduced to, and participate in, the activities of the Centre such as:

  • editorial, translation and marketing work for European Sources Online 
  • dealing with enquiries
  • planning and participating in events organised by the Centre
  • attending external events
  • updating the Centre's Facebook page.

As an intern you will receive: 

  • full training in any activity you undertake, working with a member of staff
  • the chance to spend time working on a project of your own choosing
  • experience working in one of Europe's leading European information centres
  • the chance to improve your language skills and to enhance your CV and future work prospects.
Beatrice Emanuele - square

Working on European Sources Online definitely helped me consolidate my knowledge on policy-making in the EU, and it was extremely interesting to gain in-depth expertise on some of the most critical topics that were making the headlines of the news.

Beatrice Emanuele, Intern from Italy, at the Centre from June - September 2015.