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More Sustainable Estates Division

In support of the University's sustainability policies, Estates (ESTAT) strives to promote and support sustainable development. In particular, ESTAT works with partners across the University towards achieving overarching objectives, and will:

• Actively work to minimise the environmental impact of all of the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Plant, Lighting and Power wherever possible

• Work with schools and administrative divisions to share ideas and best practice in the application of energy initiatives

• Seek to maximise the positive sustainability impact of the University's use of its energy for environmental control

For more information, please see:

Our Initiatives - what ESTAT has already done and is currently doing to make it and the University more sustainable.

 Hints and Tips - how you can use ESTAT to work and live more sustainably.

 Your Ideas - how sustainability within ESTAT can be enhanced even further.