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Hints and Tips

The best form of energy saving help is each one of us…….


At work:-

• Switching equipment and lights off when we leave areas is by far the most effective way of saving energy

• Avoid the use of Thermostatic radiator valves as on/off switches – they are best left in one position once a comfortable point is found.

• Many items covered by our colleagues in INSRV are applicable here too – switch off PC’s and monitors when not in use as a large energy saving item.

• Report any items left running via the Estates hotline.

At Home:-

• Switch off equipment wherever possible – remember items on stand-by still consume energy.

• Watch your temperatures even a saving of 1 degree can give many percent of energy savings.

• Keep you boiler and any other heating appliances regularly serviced for maximum efficiency and safety.

• Unplug chargers when not in use.

• Ensure your home is insulated and protected from draughts.

• Reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of your waste carefully.

• Assess your carbon footprint with the Wales Assembly Government's carbon calculator.
It is easy to use and you will also get a free personal action plan to reduce carbon and save you money!