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Campus Operations

Building Fabric

ImageMaintenance Manager (Building) - Chris James

Andy Thompson

Andrew Thompson - Maintenance Officer (Building)
Andrew assists the Maintenance Manager in maintaining the university's building fabric and managing the building section DLO staff, with particular responsibility for managing the grounds & gardens contract. Andrew has over 30 years experience of working in the maintenance industry, with over 20 years supervisory experience of in house staff and contractors.



Building Services

Keith Sims

Keith Sims - Maintenance Engineer
BEng(Hons) BSc(Hons) IEng MIET ACIBSE
Keith is responsible for managing the planned and reactive maintenance of the university building services (e.g. heating lighting, ventilation, power, etc) and is the Estates Energy Champion. He is the Responsible Person in Estates for statutory compliance of  the university electrical system, the university natural gas system, control of Legionellosis (L8) and water hygiene, lifts and lifting equipment and a number of other items.He manages a team of 9 office-based M&E staff  plus 22 Direct Labour Organisation staff of electricians, fitter/plumbers and Plant Attendants.His team also looks after the University’s comprehensive Building energy Management System (BeMS) and metering data collection system and is responsible for the delivery and production of energy reports to the University’s Eco-champion network.
He has over 37 years experience in the industry including Project management of new build, as a consultant engineer, with the local electricity board working as an electrical contractor for the “old” University College Cardiff, and has spent over 34 years in and around the University building stock.

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson - Maintenance Officer (Electrical)
Paul assists the Maintenance Engineer in maintaining the university's building services and managing the electrical section DLO staff, with particular responsibility for managing the DLO Fleet of vehicles  and the university's high voltage systems. He also carries out small works within the maintenance team with another services technician


Paul McCabe - Services Technician
Paul is responsible for dealing with departmental  requests for electrical and mechanical alterations and/or installations. Paul manages this work and liaises with staff and contractors from the hotline requests  through to invoicing. Paul also looks after the lamping and tubing contract.

Bob Duckett

Robert Duckett - Maintenance Officer (Controls)
Bob assists the Maintenance Engineer in maintaining the University's Building energy Management System (BeMS) with particular responsibility for the campus steam raising plant, the BeMS controls items such as heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, power etc and also looks after the operation of the University's automatic energy metering data collection system with a BeMS Technician. Bob also manages the manual and automatic critical data collections for Home Office and water hygiene regulations.
Bob manages the team of DLO plant attendants who tend the air handling plant, steam producing systems and LEV systems testing. He has over 39 years experience in the industry which has included many years in the electrical contracting industry and has spent over 25 years in and around the University building stock.

Stan Matthews

Stan Matthews - Mechanical Inspector
Stan is responsible for the serving, maintenance, inspections and testing of dry risers, fire hydrants, air compressors, vacuum pumps, gas alarms, oxygen depletion alarms, booster sets, pressurisation units, sprinkler system, industrial gas manfolds, roller shutter doors, gas fired and electrical humidifiers, mansafe systems, fork lift and LEV systems and looks after the air conditioning and chiller servicing and maintenance.  Stan also manages the tank cleaning and disinfection of potable water systems, pressure systems and lifting gear.  Stan has over 40 years experience of working in the engineering maintenance industry, with over 20 years of supervisory experience of contracts and direct labour.

John Blakemore

John Blakemore - Mechanical Inspector
John has recently been promoted out of the Direct Labour Organisation from Senior Plant Attendant to this role.  
He is responsible to the Maintenance Officer (Mechanical) for the servicing, maintenance, inspections and testing of lifts, fume cupboards, commercial and domestic gas boilers and gas fired plant. He organises and manages many of the mechanical services Planned Preventative maintenance programmes across campus including remedial works arising out of PPM inspections. John has over 23 years of working in the building and engineering maintenance industry with over 11 years knowledge in and around University building stock.

Phil Page

Phil Page - Electrical Inspector
Phil is responsible for the maintenance of all fire alarm and emergency lighting systems throughout the university. He is also responsible for maintaining all fire extinguishers, and for the test and inspection of lightning conductors. His other duties include monitoring fixed wiring and PAT testing.

ImagePaul Davies - Maintenance Officer (Mechanical)

Marc Janicijevic - Assistant Mechanical Inspector

ImageDarryl Wilson - BEMS Technician


Mark Durdin - Sustainability/Energy Manager