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Other Statutory Responsibilities

Estates Contacts:     

Under the structural arrangements designed by Cardiff University to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, each School and Directorate is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate arrangements in place to ensure compliance with the Statutory Regulations which come under the Act.

Estates have a delegated role with regards to meeting the requirements of a number of Statutory Regulations. This means that within the Academic buildings (CSERV are responsible within the residential accommodation but Estates will provide advice and assistance), Estates is required to ensure that all building services are provided in a condition compliant the relevant statutory regulation, i.e. at the point of outlet water supplies are free from the risk from Legionella.

Schools and Directorates are responsible for ensuring that any equipment they connect to building services does not compromise the safety integrity of these systems. To help them achieve this, Estates can provide information and advice as well as organising the statutory inspection of work equipment by our insurers. So that each School and Directorate can ensure that their work equipment coming under statutory regulation is inspected they must declare the following equipment to Estates:-

By declaring equipment it means that once on the asset register with Zurich the University's Insurance Company it gets regular inspections and is covered by the insurance. If equipment is not declared the person/School may find it is liable in the event of an adverse occurrence.

  • LOLER lifting regulations, e.g. jacks, lifting strops & chains, ropes, shackles, eye bolts, engine hoists, pallet trucks, cranes, cargo and passenger lifts, dumb waiters, patient hoists, stair climbers, etc...
  • Pressurised Vessels, Specialist/Industrial gas bottles and manifolds, annual inspections and timed replacement of regulating valves and written schemes and Dewars.
  • Air Compressors and compressed air equipment must be declared for statutory mechanical servicing and pressure inspections and written schemes.
  • Gas regulations, Fuel gas - boilers need annual service and gas safety checks by competent persons (Safe Gas registered) and landlord’s gas safety certificates in residential areas. (This should already be covered by Estates but there may be some research equipment that has been overlooked).
  • COSHH regulations, Fume and dust extraction equipment, e.g. Fume Cupboards & LEV's - paint spray booths, dust extractors (but not vent axia fans extracting from offices).
  • Air conditioning units must be declared for statutory annual service inspections. (Free of charge servicing for all, but not for repairs of departmental equipment)

For water services see Legionella & Water Management

For asbestos see Asbestos Management