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Legionella & Water Management

Follow this link to the Cardiff University Legionella policy: 

Control of Legionella Bacteria in Cardiff University

The Estates Division support the University’s policy by implementing arrangements which are set out in the Estates Legionella Control Scheme (February 2014)

Under these arrangements ESTAT will take the lead role in carrying out Legionella risk assessments in all Cardiff University buildings for which it has direct maintenance responsibilities. In University occupied buildings for which ESTAT does not have this responsibility (i.e. Trust property), ESTAT will verify that the landlords’ have a policy and management system in place.

Schools/Directorates have specific responsibilities under the policy and these are outlined as follows:

  • Departmental equipment - Schools/Directorates are responsible for the risk assessments of their equipment or water using systems. ESTAT will assist any School/Directorate with the implementation of any control measures identified by their risk assessment. Schools/Directorates will be expected to pay a reasonable portion of any costs incurred.


  • Little used outlets – Schools and Directorates need to notify areas which may be temporarily closed or unoccupied using the following form: Legionellosis Management Control area closure notification
  • Schools and Directorates will need to instigate a flushing regimen in areas which are temporarily closed or unoccupied, and ensure that all little used water outlets are regularly flushed in accordance with the management arrangements: Schools Flushing Pro Forma Log Sheet

  • Arrangements at handover following refurbishment / new build projects. Once a refurbished area or new build project is handed over to the client School, regular flushing must be instigated until such time as the area becomes fully occupied and utilised.

Further guidance and advice is available from Mr Keith Sims, the University Maintenance Engineer.