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Asbestos Management

Cardiff University has agreed an overarching Asbestos Policy, “Managing and Working with Asbestos on non-hospital based sites”, which can be obtained via the Cardiff University OSHEU website, the full text of the policy is obtainable here: 

Under the policy, the Estates Division has a devolved duty to ensure compliance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos regulations, namely the “duty to manage asbestos”.

The Estates Division has a management plan which sets out the policy, organisational arrangements and operational procedures for dealing with asbestos which is known to be, or found to be, situated in Cardiff University premises. 

Estates Asbestos Management Group

To meet its duties under the Asbestos regulations, in particular regulation 4, Estates has set up an Asbestos Management Group which meets on a regular basis and reports to the Estates Safety Executive Committee. Membership of this group is as follows:

Richard Williams who is the Estates Asbestos Responsible Person.

Paul Yeoman
who is a Deputy Estates Responsible Person with particular responsibility for Asbestos on Estates development projects.

Dave Manfield who is the CSERV Asbestos Responsible Person with particular responsibility for raising awareness and monitoring Asbestos within CSERV property.

Robert Dew who is the INSRV Asbestos Responsible Person with particular responsibility for managing work where Asbestos could become an issue. 

Gareth Davies who is the University's Asbestos Manager and is responsible for keeping the Asbestos Register up to date and supplying information from that register to those who require it. 


For specific guidance for dealing with asbestos in leased properties, particularly at NHS sites, please contact Gareth Davies .