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Room Utilisation Studies

Room Utilisation Studies

The Estates Division conducts an annual room utilisation study which analyses the current provision of the University’s stock of central pool rooms in relation to how they are being used.  

The approach for carrying out the room utilisation exercise is categorised into two types of activity:

1. Data Analysis - using the data that is available in Scientia an analysis is undertaken on teaching space (comparing requests for rooms against availability) and request frequencies (comparing the frequency of requests for specific times of day for a particular capacity range of rooms). 

2. Utilisation Surveys - members of the Estates Room Booking Team go out to pool rooms and assess room occupancy to determine how well actual class sizes match room size. 

The results of the study will give the Estates Division a more accurate understanding of how the space is being used and if it can be used more effectively. It will also assist the division in the planning and provision of the pool rooms for future academic sessions.