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Why are we upgrading the current software?
The new version of the software will better support the functionality of a modern web based environment by allowing the production of staff / student timetables and populating them into personal electronic dairies.  It will also present the opportunity to implement a common Room Booking and timetabling platform.  At present, timetabling and the management of school rooms are managed differently across all schools.  The introduction of the new version will allow us to review these practices to assess if a common approach and system can be applied to all.  This in turn will allow for better reporting on the use of both centrally and locally managed space.

The University Lean Project looking at Room Bookings also recommended this common approach and the work of the Scientia Working Group recommend the upgrade to Enterprise for the above reasons.

How and when we are going to upgrade to Enterprise?
An initial upgrade to the Enterprise (Classic Version) software took place in August 2011. This package will look & function in exactly the same way as the current Syllabus Plus software. 

A further upgrade to the Enterprise (Web Version) software will take place subsequent to this - date to be confirmed. Enterprise (Web Version) will feature the more powerful scheduling tools and will have a new look web interface.

Who is going to upgrade the software?
The Project Management Team taking responsibility for upgrade consists of:

Gavin Jones, Project Manager (INSRV)
Katharin Mathias, Project Manager (ESTAT)
Eric Roderick, Project Support (INSRV)
Joanne Millard, Project Support (Room Bookings, ESTAT)
Rhiannon Kirkham, Project Support (Room Bookings, ESTAT)
Trevor Baker, System User, School of Health Care Studies
Geraldine Bousie, System User, School of City & Regional Studies 
Tony Caffel, System User, Cardiff Law School
Fiona Kiely, System User, School of Dentistry
Victoria Reynish, System User, School of Mathematics
Jacqueline Swift, System User, School of Social Sciences

Who will be affected?
Schools that currently input data directly into the Syllabus Plus database will assist with the upgrade and start using Enterprise (Classic Version).  

What is a common timetabling approach?
At present the majority of schools do not use the Syllabus Plus database directly and all have different procedures for the production of the teaching timetable.  In addition, all schools manage their school rooms differently.  Some might use Groupwise to book them out whilst others might use a paper diary or even Syllabus Plus.  A common approach would mean that all schools would use Enterprise to process their teaching timetables and to manage their school rooms.

What are the benefits of common approach?
•    Everyone's data on a single system.
•    Maximise our return from our investment in the software.
•    Everyone will be able to see unused teaching rooms anywhere in the University and easily request permission from the room owner to use the room.
•    More accurate information on room utilisation.
•    More effective use of the University's physical resources.
•    Developing a consistent approach across all schools, for example individual staff /  student timetables will be available for the schools.

Will I lose control over the space that I own / manage within my school?
No, the upgrade to Enterprise and the proposal for a common approach is not looking to change ownership of rooms.  Space will continue to be controlled but the person(s) who currently control it.

What if I'm not a Timetabling Officer or responsible for booking rooms, will I be able to see who has booked which room?
Yes, various groups of staff will have read only access to the system to allow them to see live bookings.  Such groups include Security and Campus Service Attendants.  If you need access please email