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Utilities & Energy Monitoring

The section is involved with the Purchasing Division in tendering for the supply of Electricity and Gas. Tenders are based on information gathered from consumption data and monthly meter readings. This information is also used to monitor and target high energy usage areas.

The University is committed to an Energy Policy and is focusing closely on the efficiency of the services it provides. A system known as the "Building Energy Management System" (BEMS) has been developed to control and monitor the services to buildings. Programmes can be set to improve the efficiency of services without affecting the quality. Areas where potential financial and environmental benefits can be achieved by modifications can be highlighted and programmed for future works.

A major utility cost is the use of water. Efforts are being made to reduce water consumption by introducing recycling methods wherever possible.

All heating, cooling, ventilation, power and lighting is controlled and monitored by technicians within the section. Repairs and additional services can be requested via the Hotline. For further information on heating and cooling please visit the links below:

For further information on energy monitoring please contact