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Waste Disposal and Recycling

Waste Disposal

Estates manage the general (non-hazardous) waste disposal and recycling from all Academic buildings (with the exception of buildings in receipt of a SLA provision from the NHS Trust on the Heath Park campus). 

Ever more stringent European and National government targets for minimising amounts of waste going to Landfill and significant annual rises to the Landfill Tax require us to be proactive in waste reduction measures across the University.

New legislation introduced in October 2006 requires that all waste going for disposal via Landfill must be pre-treated (i.e any recyclable waste must be segregated). We have been operating an office recycling scheme (see below) since 2003 which has consistently produced recycling rates above targets set by the Government.


The office recycling scheme was introduced into Park Place houses in 2003 and has now been extended to the entire Cathays academic campus, together with stand alone buildings on the Heath Park campus where cleaning is provided via the Estates Dept.

The scheme was based on a typical “kerbside” scheme, as operated by many local councils, and enables us to recycle a wide variety of different waste types without the need to segregate items into specific types.

What can & can't be recycled can be found in the following list:

We currently recycle over 5 tonnes of waste every week which represents approximately 50% of the total waste arising. With ever more waste streams being classified as Controlled Waste we are exploring more options to increase our rate of diverting waste from Landfill.  

For further information on the waste streams which may be recycled please consult the Waste Streams A-Z or contact the Estates Division for advice.