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Special Cleans and Rechargeable Works

Special cleans or rechargeable works are defined as cleaning tasks which are not in the overall Estates Budget. 

The Hotline (on ext. 74477) is the official system for requesting any cleaning requirements which are in addition to the contract. The cost is recharged to the department requesting the clean. 

Please give as much information as possible including the exact location (i.e. a room number), type of work to be carried out, and any time restraints or deadlines for access. If the location is a laboratory please give its designation. In addition to the job details the caller will be required to give a departmental budget code for recharge purposes. Without this code the job will not be authorised. The caller will be issued with a job number for reference purposes.

On completion of the job, the department will be asked to complete a satisfaction sheet and pass it to the Cleaning Team. An invoice is received which the Cleaning Section will pay and then journal transfer the cost to the departmental code provided when the job was originated.