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Main Building

Accessible South Wing entrance to the Main Building
Accessible Central entrance to Main Building


Level access into the Main Building is from Park Place; access from Museum Place is via steps.  The central and main entrance on the right have shallow ramps and automatic doors.  There is level access through the main entrance on the left with automatic and motorised doors.  

The lift is situated in the south wing (entrance to the left), through the first set of double doors on the right.  Some people might require assistance to operate the lift as it has two fairly heavy doors that need to be opened and closed manually.  Please visit or telephone reception on 029 2068 8536 if you need to arrange assistance.  The lift services all floors and half floors; the lower basement (-2), basement (-1), ground (0), first half level (1), first floor (2).  

Main Building Pool Rooms

Parking Information

Main Building Facilities