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Seminar Room 1.57, John Percival Building

Photograph of Lectue Theatre 1.57 in the John Percival Building
Photograph of Seminar Room 1.57 in the John Percival Building

Accessible for wheelchair users symbol

This room is wheelchair accessible



Accessible Route

Take the lift to the first floor.  From the Colum Drive exit lifts, follow the corridor to the left; 1.57 is the second room on the right.  From the smaller lift, follow the corridor to the right, 1.57 is the first door on the left.  

Facilities and Room Information

There is level access into 1.57.

1.57 is a loose, flexible seated seminar room with a capacity of 40.

There is a telephone located to the right of the door, positioned 1400mm from the floor.

The lectern and computer surfaces are 1040mm high from the floor.

The light switches are positioned 1400mm from the floor.


Emergency Evacuation

The emergency exit route is clearly labelled (the green running man).  In the event of an emergency evacuation the lifts must not be operated.  

If, in the event of an emergency evacuation, you are unable to safely evacuate the building using the stairs, safe refuge points are located in every stair well on each upper floor.  Refuge points are sign posted.  When at the refuge point you must use the telephone or intercom provided, which contact Security directly.  Inform Security of your location and that you require assistance.  Security will communicate information to you in relation to what is happening and reassure you.  You should remain in the refuge area until advised otherwise or someone comes to your assistance.  Refuge points are located as such to provide a safe area for at least 30 minutes in the event of a real fire.  

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the exits and exit routes. There are building floor plans on the right hand side of the John Percival Building page.  

If you think you might require assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation, you must arrange a Personalised Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) as soon as possible.  Students must contact their School Disability Contact to arrange a PEEP.  Staff will need to contact their School / Division Disability Contact or their manager to arrange a PEEP.  Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the relevant person that you require a PEEP to be set up.


Click here for further information and to make a booking request for Seminar Room 1.57